Why it Sticks.

It has been 12 days since I saw Valerian, and there’s something I can’t get over. It’s not the plot, or the acting, or the social commentary—there are plenty of other opinions zooming through the world about all that right now, and I don’t see any reason to add my voice to those, when I supremely doubt I would have anything different to say on most of those subjects. Instead, the thing I can’t get over is the very first…

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Overcoming writer’s block

Early last year, a professional writer I follow dropped some serious truth on her Facebook. Have I really started this book 16 different ways? No, that would be ridiculous. 17 now. 17 different ways. This author, whose work has been published between the covers with household names like Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker, admitted she was wrestling with some serious creative constipation. Turning on the creative faucet and not getting a single drop is an awful experience, especially when you’re…

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